Clips and Rarities (2008-2012)

Band :
Title : Clips and Rarities (2008-2012)
Release Date : July 17, 2020

For over 8 years, I’ve been asked about a free “album” I released on MySpace back in 2012 called “The Best Things In Life Are Free.” A handful of people were able to download it at the time before the links went dead, and I know people have been passing it around on forums and organically on social media ever since. The world can use a little more music right now, so I’ve decided to re-release it under a more appropriate title, and swap in some newer unreleased tunes in as well. You can stream and download this collection of tunes here.

If you like what you hear and appreciate the gesture of free music, please donate to the PayPal link below.

For the next week, until 7/26, I will be donating 75% of all proceeds to my fellow UNION brothers and sisters up in Bath, Maine, Local S6 (IUMSWA, IAMAW), the strong working-class men and women who’ve built U.S. Navy’s ships since 1884. They are getting screwed by their greedy, union-busting bosses, who enjoyed a nice tax cut last year, but suddenly don’t have money to pay their workers the terms and contract that’d allow these people and their families to work and live with dignity. I will post PayPal summaries and a receipt once the funds are collected and donated next week. For more info, read here.

Please consider donating whatever you are comfortable with: